Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Snapshots! Melbourne, Australia, Phillip Island & Churchill Island (Day 2)

At Phillip Island, the mainstay attraction is to catch the Little Penguins parade.
I loved Churchill Island because of the farm animals. The whole trip to and fro by car will take a whole day.

There is a link from Phillip island to a little island called Churchill island - look at the one way bridge!

We went on a farm tour, first we saw an amazingly hairy cow!

Remember to take your signature photo with the hairy cow - was told its an Aberdeen cattle, from cold cold scotland...

Then, a short walk to a lavender patch. lovely lovely smell, we could pluck as many as we liked...

We walk into an 18th century house, the only one on churchill island- it was owned by him too, Samuel Ames.

The old lady is real, but she was motionlessly giving me a bit of shock...

Stare at this photo for a minute, if you want to have nightmares tonight. apparently european settlers like the Ames' like to buy scary dolls for their children.

You can get really nice holiday photos when its off peak season. here, i'm jumping at a deserted carpark near 'the nobbies'.

Spot us.

And we saw a farm horse. I am still quite perturbed by their huge size.

Yes, it's a real lamb... for petting at the farm in Churchill. the fur is really thiick and it feels... funnily, really woolly! being a city dweller, i can't remember the last time i've petted a sheep, so if you wanna pet a sheep for free, do go to churchill island!

...and we stole a baby lamb who's wearing a cute woolly sweater.

This is an ugly goat. so we make our way back from churchill island to philips island, a very short drive away, about 15 minutes heading to the koala conservation centre.

My sharp eyes spotted another native australian animal. this is a kookaburra. we heard its sound later, it's like a laughing sound, quite funny! it's quite a big bird. This is at the Koala Conservation Centre on Phillip island.

Oh, look at what we spotted!

This one makes the whole trip worth it, seriously, i'm so stoked i can get to see a koala up close. we got a '3 attractions pass' to see the penguins, koala, and churchill island for a day. very worth it! next time i will spend more than one day exploring this island. it's a 2 hour drive from melbourne city though.

When taking nice wildlife photos, you have to be creative. not only do you sometime have to pose for a long time, you have to be able to seize the moment. before this photo, the koala was happily munching away on leaves for the longest time. I managed to make it look at me by singing 'nessum dorma', hee...

It suddenly realised it was being diverted from eating leaves and glared at Ange. SO funny!

Seeing as we still had time before the penguin parade (the penguins appears around 550pm in winter), we drove past the penguin area and made our way to a place called 'the nobbies'.

The sun is really low in australia and if you don't wear sunglasses you tend to develop squinty eyes which i find myself having. ange is driving the new honda jazz which has great leg space in front.

The Nobbies is a really nice, windy place to walk and see the seascape with black rocks and hilly grasses (spinach!!!) on the other side.

Apparently on these rocks about 1km offshore, lots of seals live there in a colony. this place is a wildlife species protected place!

We went to see the penguins, it was wonderful seeing these little creatures, about 1000 of them made their way up to the shore and all the way to the boardwalk. penguins are faithful lil 'uns that mate for life. now the divorce rate is about 18% though. And I made good use of my leopard throw, too.

That's all for the day... Day 3, traipsed around the bohemian area of town.

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