Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Snapshots! Melbourne, Australia, St Kilda's Beach (Day 4)

On the tram from Bourke Street to St Kilda's. The sights to spot is the tram changing from electric tramway to ...railway. Wowee. and of course people watching. St Kilda has a beach, a pier, nice dessert shops, and interesting themed shops to walk into and see.

Fish and chips at St Kilda's for early lunch! This place is owned by Greek and the barramundi fillet is really fresh, also recommended are the calamari rings.

We walked past this alley and saw a homeless old man (in the background) drinking and saying 'cheers' to himself.

Yum... drool... the assortment of cakes on display in St Kilda's street shops is just bewildering. How to choose? really, I can't stop looking in the window. If only... I could taste ALL of them. In the end, settled for a strawberry meringue and a choco-nougat cake. VERY YUMMY!

Walking along the pavement to the pier/beach, you can see interesting sights like this man selling bubbles...

The gulls, some are bobbing on the surface, hee hee. At the left is the walk to the pier. Walk to the end and if you're lucky you can spot a penguin in the rocks, watch the moored boats and eat the dessert you bought earlier.

Found a nice spot to sit and here's the view. was wondering how did the boats get moored so evenly...? and how do the owners get to shore? like is there a small boat taxi they take to the pier or just tie the anchor to a stipulated length?...

Pink pau? Nooo, it's my strawberry meringue with freckles. Some sort like a cotton candy. With chewy bits inside. Nice... but I would prefer to share it next time.

If you're brave enough to have a picnic on the beach, your new friends the gulls will surround you with much attention and interest. Tram ride to St Kilda's is 30 minutes, and that's all for the day! See you at Ballarat where we explore a town that profited from the gold rush in Victoria.

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