Monday, October 03, 2011

Snapshots! Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ventured on a solo trip to KL in April 2011.

It was a pretty short trip but I was happy to be back there, and by myself. Everyone should travel by themselves once in a while! It's not lonesome at all and I'm always surrounded by so many people here it's nice to stop your mind for a breather and just walk around happily.

Packing...bought my sunglasses a cute case, I'm in the habit of smashing sunglasses by accident. This brand of paper-mask 'clinie' (korean), from Guardian, is the best I've ever used! And I've used MANY. Rather pricey for drugstore brands ($5) but the effect is really instant - the whitening one whitens, the hydrating one hydrates, the anti-pimple one clears blemishes... I love to use it every week!

Waiting at comfy area, pre-boarding. T1's renovating. Note my super good sunglasses from ForeverNew. Look like Korean with it? Teehee...

The requisite airplane wingshot!
This is the homely backpacker place where I put up for the 2 nights! It's just behind the food street Jalan Alor and facing it is a row of cosy cafes, sports bars, foot massage joints.
Me and bestie once stayed here, 'rainforest bed and breakfast' 10 years ago. The exterior still looks as good as ever! The interior is a different story... experienced bedbugs for the first time and my hair still stands when I spot one at obscure hotels!

Such an awesomely sweet wedding cake! Bee Mine!

Walking tour... I decide to head to the right...
Was walking from backpack place to KLCC Twin Towers, around 1 hour's walk. Got slightly tanned also, realized SPF 50 does not cut it under the blazing KL sun. Was hiding in the mall during the noonish hours before I turned chao-tah! Walking behind these dudes for the better part of an hour...judging from their attire, should be aussie or new zealander...

Process of getting chao-tah... Step one, take self-photo when it's almost noon...

I wonder who came up with this quote...
Souvenir for Dad, he loves this kind of thing. At 60 plus and still a biker!

At the row where my guesthouse is located, this flashy guesthouse always has many friendly angmohs sitting outside!

Look at all the foreigners...behind me, Japanese! Food is kinda overpriced but still okay for us.

Oyster omelette and satay and I had lots of the iced teh tarik!
Some nail art... looks like cake! Very happy with it, it's been some time since I treat myself to a manicure.

Me at the same roti mamak from 10 years backpacking trip! We were very much on a budget and I fell in love with the roti pisang, a ripe, sweet banana put into the canai...cripsy and sweet and bursting with flavor! I could eat this everyday.
With the morning read, am now into Carlos Ruiz Zafon, a rather gothic and mysterious novel, bestselling spanish author. In the guesthouse there are many books and magazines left behind by travelers and we could choose to bring along with us some of those reads. To my surprise I found two of his novels there.
Had KL bakkutteh. Vastly different from JB's, Segamat's, etc. I like the 'dry' version the best! There is also a clear ginger-chicken soup that tastes great and not similar to 'hong zhao chicken' or 'sesame chicken', perhaps it's unique to KL.
On the road with J. Traffic in KL is as horrendous as ever, I cannot imagine driving to work and there are real speed demons, mat rempits, jaywalkers... I cannot fathom how gutsy you must be to drive in KL!

Went to eat this really yummy old-skool dish similar to our beef hor fun! J told me it was still there since 20 years ago. Note the retroish grilles, clock, tiles!

This taiwanese dessert was really popular the way bubble tea is popular here. Underneath it is chinchow flavored shaved ice which melts in the mouth and the orange and white things are sort of like chinese marshmallows...chewy and pillowy. It's really delicious though pricey, RM 6.90 seems a bit too much. Heard it's cheaper in other non shopping area though!

Mahathir's bread, or so I've been told, he opened this gourmet bread called 'Loaf' in Pavillion. The bistro looks really nice but I did not manage to try it...

Live music! They were quite good! 'Fly me to the moon... ' harmonized well. I did give them a huge tip!
I had to eat a meal at OldTown, I'm a faithful supporter... here's some tomyam rice dish. It was yummy but nothing beats hands down the rendang nasi!

This OldTown outlet was one of the best vantage points to just sit and watch the crowd at Jalan Alor go by. I felt that the days went by so fast, and there were so many places I had yet to revisit. I wonder if the bbqpork with floss buns are still found in Petaling street, and the really gigantic baos that are fondly named after a porn actress with large 'buns' herself. Looking back, I am rather amazed at myself, how I could just take a coach, naively, alone, without any guidebook, and somehow find my host, first a guy who was and still is a musician, stayed in Cheras, had fun exploring the city at 18, and then again at 19 doing it the real backpack way with Bestie. Later on in the era of cheap budget flights, KL just became a stop-over to other places, a place to wait to go on to the next destination.

I wonder where's my next destination! I hope to travel again really soon and hopefully a small adventure to a place I've never been before.

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