Tuesday, May 29, 2012

raining hong kong in monotone

This is my first time using the Lomography film Lady Grey for black and white shots.
The funny thing was that I took all these shots, thinking that I had loaded the color one instead (and taking the color shots thinking it was black and white.)

In every roll of film, I always have one favorite photo. Which, is kind of worth it considering that to pay the price of the roll plus processing, plus printing, my hobby turns out to be not inexpensive.

And also I think my skills have improved, getting a little closer to the subject, spending more time on correcting the angle and in fact, in Hong Kong I stood in the rain, feet scrunched in 5 cm deep water, on a corner of a market, to get the best shot. Trying to ignore the curious stares from the market sellers about my little toy camera. =)

I love taking photos of buildings; somehow, even though they are man-made, they have sort of a lived-in quality to them.

This is my favorite shot from the roll, perhaps it's because it's my favorite place in Hong Kong too. Despite only being there for a short while on both occasions, the last 5 years ago, there is something about Stanley Village that captures my soul.

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