Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snapshots! Raining Hong Kong (Bowrington)

A day before, on the tram from Causeway Bay, I spotted a small market with low hanging red lamps enroute to the Wan Chai area. I found the market to be a cheerful one, with happy vegetable sellers despite the gloomy weather outlook. It was raining intermittently all throughout Hong Kong, and some of these shots were taken standing in the middle of the road, toes scrunched up in soaking wet shoes, to get the perfect shot of the people.

I observed that the people in Hong Kong are very image-concious and rarely will you find people walking and eating a bun, or carrying plastic bags of fruit and vegetables in the metro. Even in this market, the plastic bags were all standardized, in clear, high-quality plastic. It does make the vegetables look better too! Here in Singapore, we are not that insistent about plastic bags and they range from the filmsy thin ones in blue or red stripes to ones in white with tacky merlion-head print.

As the downpour was incessant, I got bored of myself and I kept buying tomatoes, the only thing I could possibly purchase. I bought eleven tomatoes, and if you wanted to know, I tried to eat them all later, but could only manage six. I ended up standing in an alleyway behind a vegetable shop for close to half an hour, thanks to a kindly auntie who owned the last vegetable stall in the market row. Having no shelter save for an umbrella bought in 7-eleven the day before, I was thankful for the respite.

Camera: Superheadz Harikin (analogue photography)
Film: 35 mm Lomography Color X pro, Lady Grey

Bowrington Road: Caught in the torrential rain at this quaint market in between the Wan Chai and Causeway Bay stations on the metro, I start to observe the market sellers...

At the back of the market.

Kindly Auntie who offered me respite from the howling rain. Here I am at the back alley.

There was nothing I could buy except tomatoes. I ended up buying quite a number...

HKers are quite conscious about image and hardly you will find people carrying plastic bags of fruit around in the metro nor people walking and eating... I did both =(

Bowrington Road: Done for the day, a fishmonger carts the empty stryofoam boxes back in the pouring rain.

A typical fresh seafood stall.

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