Friday, March 08, 2013

Photo Friday: Cloud Yoga

Cher contributeur et chercheur de midi,

Nous vous informons que votre photo «Cloud Yoga» se trouve désormais dans la collection «Personnages» et dans la série «Au bord de la mer» =)

Was really happy to receive the news at mid-week (a rather emotional week at that) that my photo 'Cloud Yoga' was added into the collection of Les Chercheurs De Midi, it is a photo compilation of Marseille and Provence, as this year in 2013, Marseille and Provence is themed as the capital of European culture.

There on the album of 'Researchers at Noon' are really great photos - vintage photos and people's memories at the beach front, boats, places or lands they know as paysages. It's really interesting how the French people are the original peoples of the land and everywhere you go there is a natural blend of the ancient and the new. I was able to find harmony in the old rocks and the dwellings carved into it. In the old church of Abbaye St Victor and the 'new' church that is built above it, a superb idea of moving on but not forgetting what is in the basement. There, in the basement, lies 4th century evidence of christianity, old sculptures and niches.

I really like this photo because it was accidental, it was at the end of the French Foreign Legion grounds and someone took off his clothes and climbed the rocks. As we made ourselves presentable and got ready to depart, along came a small little cloud, just appearing like a tiny fluffy thing! I screamed hysterically and told him to pose, 'holding' it. A little while later the cloud dissipated, and we left. I particularly like the rocks at the side.

The colors are pinkish and purplish because I used cross processed tungsten film.

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