Monday, June 10, 2013

15 mins of fame in June

It was a lovely start of the month of June for me. 

I wanted to start some regular exercise activity besides hiking every Saturday morning as is my usual routine. For the next 2 months, I envisioned building my fitness level to a peak before I start some travels again; and I was looking for an exercise routine that I could 1. Enjoy,  2. Was easy enough to start, and, 3. Challenging enough to keep me hooked on to it.

So here I am, 4 times already this month, in the indoor rock climbing gym at 100 Guillemard Road, Singapore. I'm really glad to have found exercise activity partners to help me train in these couple of months. Already, I have some minor injuries - a neck strain on one side, and some sudden pain in a knee I had injured previously, but the significant improvement in the climbing ability (well, so far, I haven't managed the entire beginner's wall) plus the place my mind goes to while on this sport, is really a draw for me. I like it when there's no emotion you can squeeze out, just thinking about the next step, just focusing on the next move.

I've also appeared on local TV this past week, it's a show called 'On The Red Dot' where they showcase, (in the episode I was featured) about curated experiences and unique ways to see Singapore.

Indiescapes founder, Heidi, (, had spotted my analogue photos of the old buildings I took, and earlier in the year asked me to be part of their experiential travel-focused start-up website. I am humbled by the experience to be on TV and I was really glad that people who watched the show would be able to know more about the beautiful old buildings with atmosphere, that can still be found in the hidden places in Singapore.

To me too, it's amazing how from dark moments in life, something on a grand scale like this can happen.

I'm always thankful for my Spanish friend whom I'm still close with today. Had it not been for his patience in listening to my doleful complaining about the lackluster situation I had found myself in, and had he not cared enough to gently chide me to 'do something each day that makes you feel happy', I would not have had this experience today.

I decided that taking a photo a day would make me happy, at the very least, when I look at the film that was developed, as a visual record of this chronology of a gloomy time in life. Each day during my lunch hour, I ate lunch for 20 minutes, and walked to this little-known place I later found out to be named the 'Bukit Pasoh Conservation Area'. I captured the conserved, colorful houses at noon-time. And went a little further to capture the same houses with different kind of cross-processed films for different effects.

I didn't know that any person besides myself would be interested in this whimsical hobby. I didn't know that people would be interested in me. I hope that I can be that kind of person like my Spanish friend, positive enough to look beyond a current situation and offer some life-changing tips to someone. It may take a long time for me to become this sort of person, but I believe one day I will!

'What better way to discover Singapore than on foot? Tourists who are looking for a more authentic travel experience join Rachel Lee (in print top) on a walking tour in the heartland. An avid photographer, Rachel is a “host” with Indiescapes, an online platform which connects locals who are keen to share their experiences of their country with travellers. Tune in to On The Red Dot for more!'

Episode Link (fast forward to 18:50):


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