Friday, October 11, 2013

Fatal attractions

'Life will change without our permission. It's our attitude that determines the ride'

There are some people whom we're attracted to, and there are some that are just bad for us.It's not that they are inherently bad, they could be the type of person that brings out the worst in us, causes us to try to be perfect, be less natural, and we'll never be truly happy in their presence. We feel that we're not so clever and definitely not pretty.

It may not be caused by them, no, they could even be completely oblivious to our presence. But just being the way they are and being there brings a deluge of feelings in our soul. This leads me to the question,What makes us change ourselves?Knowing, that the person does not care, or could possibly not even be aware of your existence. Trying to shape ourselves to that person's world, doing what he does and liking what he likes. Why do we do that? Will we like ourselves better if we gave it a chance and went on this little adventure, or will we just regret that we never gave ourselves and 'it' a shot - whatever it may be?

I would like to think that if we had gone down this path too often, we'll never make the same mistakes. But I also think that to a certain extent, we cannot help what we're attracted to, even if it's bad for us. Sometimes it's good to not be entirely 'ourselves', but I think in the day-to-day, it's better to be natural.

Continuing on the thought of getting in touch with nature, I was happy to go on a daytrip across the border to Malaysia, in Pasir Gudang area - inside the Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort, for horse-riding! This was something I've wanted to do more often this year and hopefully I will be able to be a solo rider next year.

I'm always drawn to a great experience in natural settings and brought Dad along with me. His verdict was that this ride through tall oil palms, along the coast where we could see our dear Singapore (Pulau Ubin) across the sea, and in the grassy shrubs and local plants was far more better than the last time I brought him horse-riding in Bali on the black volcanic sands on the beach! I was really happy to have this experience, a mini-adventure of sorts while adapting to the corporate/start-up life in Singapore. I really can't explain the feeling that overtakes you while you are on a horse, trotting in the depths of nature. Just a feeling that I hope I can replicate in the most high tension days in my life.

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