Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo Friday: Farmer Lady selling aubergrines in Da Lat, Vietnam

This is my second time trying out black and white film =) and it was the final trip of the year in Da Lat, Vietnam.

It was interesting how these 2 photos turned out. The first one was what I intended to capture, a 'clean' photo with nothing in the background. Very difficult as this was a crowded market, but it was at the end of the market and the lady, the road, the 2 panniers balanced by a bamboo rod just came together.

I took the second photo almost as an afterthought.

I showed them to many people, both photographers and non-photographers, and all of them liked... ... the second one. It tells a story, it shows a scene, there is some feeling there. So this is really interesting to me, finding out about what people like and improving on my skills. One friend even ventured, what if I took this lady in more, varying angles? I'm sure the result would be interesting and I really love to wander around in markets like these to find such topics, the 'everyday life' part of travel photography. And I'm doubly glad that out of this trip there are some photos that turned out well, which I liked very much!

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