Thursday, November 10, 2011

Snapshots! Melbourne, Australia, Ballarat (Day 5)

 If you think visiting a replica of an 18th century gold-mine town seems boring, think again. Ballarat more than lived up to my expectations with the real-life things to see, hear, and buy. I got my souvenirs for the family and a ring to add to my collection, all here. Plus, lots of nice backdrops to take lots of interesting photos if you're so inclined. 

We first meet a fake man and head to the video show of a short and entertaining history. It was raining but it later slowed to a drizzle.

Live, 18th century children. They 'study' in the 'school' in the 'ballarat gold mine'. Very cute!
We venture into an olden shop selling bath salts and all nice scented things.
Stepping into an olden bar, I can't help it but to lie on the comfy bench and take a saucy photo...they should hire me to work here next time.

This constitutes the olden days notice board, they write 'for sale' items, looking out for missing husbands, notices to missing wives and etc.

Olden kids dressed exactly like grandmothers. I see that trend coming back in fashion with the teenagers wearing curtain like dresses and vintage handbags. eh.

They are standing in line to fire the shot... it's really loud!!!
After the parade there is a chance to ask the drummer soldier out on a date. He is very pleased with me on his arm lol.
Ooh, there is a olden jewellery shop! *goes a bit crazy looking at 18th century jewellery. hey... finally, I found MY ring. (Me loves rings.) It's a celtic one with a pink gem for $20. silver and all. *flashes it gaily...
Altho, if i had much more budget I wouldn't say no to these ones. they are precious! And ornate! Can I have a 'marry me' ring like this please? Hard to say no to it, aye?

Old posters on the 'bowling alley and billards' club. Ancient billards and bowling were difficult to play! Very big alleys at the side and you had to reset the pins yourself.
Old time pool.. called 'bagatelle'. the rules are too complicated but it involves hitting both the black and red into the table holes - 4 at the side and getting rid of white balls etc.
We spent a lot of time in this shop just poring over the olden toys and candies you could buy at this shop. a really nice idea to offer us tourists a look into the past and get some really nice souvenirs.

 I couldn't help picking up the olden feather duster (also for sale) and dusting the place. muahaha.
The 'shopowner' had a bustling business compared to the other shops. kids just streamed in, buying huge lollies and drinks... their fave: creamy soda. I would have preferred sarsiparilla... look at the olden lollies at the back.

After watching how they really purify a gold bar, you can stamp a souvenir real gold coin with any words you like. It will be placed into a wood holder...and can keep for a long, long time. Here I made 'happy birthday dad' as a keepsake.
Lessons in progress. The boy at the bottom is drawing the musket firing scene we witnessed earlier.
And then we were caught in the middle of a family dispute. the gentlemen asked us if we would like his job... the lady apologized profusely for creating the fracas...
And they ran off, with her chasing him rapidly down the drizzly street. Haha!
I wanna house like this! Actually, no. it's tiny and stuffy.
Me, in 'my house', pretending to cross stitch.
This is the gentleman's room at the hotel. a small place to sit and read or think or smoke I guess. We later met Reg here...
I met a kindly old gentleman, Reg. who upon hearing I was from Sg, regaled me with tales of his time there, his parents were once in Sg too. He was posted to our island previously as a RAF pilot. Said he was too good at his job which was a bane for him as he thus had to do too many challenging activities. He was here in the 50s so I guess he is really elderly now. although, looks quite young, and healthy!
Spot the rainbow at the end of the road? a welcome sight for me, I've not seen rainbows for years. apparently according to ange there are lots in melb.
My best shot of the day, unedited and just... looks perfect. i took about 3 shots to get it right. sometimes on vacation you can seize the nicest photo opportunities. hope you like it.
Just a gauge for those interested in driving up, a 90 mins' drive which takes us from melb city to ballarat, uses about 1/4 tank. it's about $40/ litre... we filled $20 worth here.

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