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Snapshots! Melbourne, Australia : Shops and sights (Day 6)

One of the unique sights at Melbourne Central, similar to SG's 'City Hall' with train lines congregating here. There is also a maze of shops in the area, for ladies, checkout 'ValleyGirl', lovely topshop-ish clothes.
To preserve this building, a rather ordinary one in my opinion, the whole glass-and-black steel 'turret' was built around its tower. Innovative way to preserve old buildings instead of just knocking 'em down.
Formerly known as 'Swanston Street Church of Christ', this church facade has undergone no changes excepting the door painted red. The interior though is retrofitted to look like a lecture theatre. (It is.) Photo looks awesome because it was near dusk and there were street lamps.
Inside the church, it has removed its oldskool pews and is thoroughly modern inside. I say its a good change!
Church has 2 morning services, 9am and 11.15am on Sundays. Just at the junction of Lonsdale and Swanston Street facing Victoria State Library.
While on the way to the duty-free, discount shopping warehouse place chadstone, we spotted an interesting looking car/van. Is it customized or do such vans exist? I want one...
Read the small print it's funny. Pet store at Melb Central sells mice, wabbits, doggies, and other stuff. The dog car seat is $39... I think it's a good price. Oh, and lots of dog clothes etc...
Try: Krispy Kreme. Sorry, I think it's overrated. Me still vote for Jco. But the deal for 2 donuts and coffee is gud, verrry gud.
Souvenir: If Mom dun like lavender soaps, lip balms and creams which are easily available in Target, why not aim for a handmade, glasses case? this is in purple velvet, its lovely!!! Only from Sovereign Hill (Ballarat), a place I thoroughly recommend to go!
Souvenir: For Dad, a real gold coin which you can inscribe anything you want. It's really spiffy, and I'm really glad I got this as an early bday pressie. Besides, it's gold, and it will last for a long long time. (Very happy! Dad loves it!)
Buy: Goodies; Are a must to bring back. If you're a candy person bring back rock candy from Victoria market. If not, these will satisfy the family and friends. Stalked out Big W, Target, variety and cheapest at Target, so just go directly there.
Found: cheezels. cheezels in melb come in boxes ($2.15 at coles) and tastes awesomely good...also try lamingtons, crumpets, milk, vitamin water... and the caramello koala and freddy frog. and arnotts tim tams, which all singaporeans like.
Souvenir: After analysing all the keepsakes available, the best I reckon are these car signs. There are those with words like 'no worries mate', but I think those with native animals are the coolest. I will happily paste the right-side one in my future car when my future doggie arrives...
Souvenir: It's nice to receive and send postcards, I collect those of cityscapes so here are the ones I got. Tip: you can get a special postmark if you post them from Philip Island, or Ballarat Sovereign Hill. Besides photos, these are a nice way of keeping memories, and someone who lives in Ang Mo Kio will be pleasantly surprised with next week's mail.
Spotted: the great shopping place. inside: witchery, just jeans, jayjays, cotton on, giordano, esprit, CK, mooks, quicksilver... my favorite shop: peteralexander where i bought the perfect black shirt. if you're quick you can traverse it in about 2 hours. happy shopping!
Buy: These shoes, Vans from the DFO. If you spot Onitsuka Tigers in your size you have to drop everything and buy em cuz at $40 they're a STEAL. the shop name is 'platypus'... lots of other shoes in limited sizes for cheap, too.
Buy: when planning for trips make sure you have enough time to look-see and nice pals to let you do so. V pleased with my fleur-de-lis keychain which replaces the last one I bought from HongKong. Bling bling!
Souvenir: Was deliberating over this silver celtic ring which I bought from the 18th century Ballarat town. Glad I did, cuz could not find any other nicer ones. And it fits! Rings and clothes run big in Melb, I'm a loose-fit S here... have to dig at the DFO for sizes, the upside is there's a huge sense of fulfilment when you finally find those that fit!
For a relaxed trip around Melb, 6-8 days suffices for single, energetic travellers. If you can't walk far, double that. I can walk for hours and at a leisurely pace, you can find little landscapes that reel you in. Here at Cowes, small town in Phliip Island, we stopped for brunch and there was a lovely beach. I'm enticing those gulls to take a photo.
The road at Cowes, we spotted a really surreal looking tree. The gradient of yellows and greens just draws us in.
Photograph memories can last a long time, how could I forget those cuties at Victoria Market? Aww. So take as many as you like and review your travel photos time to time!
Quarter-pounder. I need to try the McDs wherever I am overseas... The fries are nicer... saltier. And my fave quarter-pounder which is not available in SG. You have to pay for sauce though, which sucks.
These hunks are 'pulling candy' to make the delish rock candy which you can find in Victoria Market and Royal Arcade amongst others.

Realised the graffiti place I took photos in earlier is called "Union Lane"
In the city tram - free ride around the city.
Some unique sights you can spot include a white eagle overlooking the bay and this cow in a tree.

We headed to Melbourne Museum on the last day. Quite interesting exhibits. Like for the Bug Exhibition, a lot of LIVE bugs!
Forest cockroaches, anyone?
I caught this two in a naughty act.
Last meal: Once again went to pancake parlour. I would say the pasta place is the best with this one a close second. Here are my stacks with ice-cream!

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