Friday, February 24, 2012

a perfect moment at changi coastal walk

I have found a companion of sorts, a traveler who is here for me for the time being. Trying my best to live in the moment, I am grateful for his generosity in shared times together, times on weekend where people rush from activity to activity, we find pleasure in taking walks around the Peranakan estate that is Katong, the long walks around the East area of Singapore that I am beginning to be fond of.

On my birthday we went to Changi Coastal walk upon my suggestion. I had always wanted to revisit the place, having been there just once at twilight. But it was really at the farthermost point of East Singapore and most people would find the journey there horrendous.

When we turned the corner, it was a breathtaking sight, the golden glow of the sunset gleamed through the outline of the trees, yachts were merrily bobbing up and down carried by the gentle hum of the waves, the path was devoid of people in usually crowded Singapore. Minutes later, the sky became dark, but the sunset I had witnessed, was perfect, a perfect moment. And in life, we don't get that many perfect moments like this. I have always wanted to see a sunset so beautiful.

When I was down and feeling sorry for myself after a bad spate of events 2 days ago, I suddenly remembered this sunset. Even when things get you down, I think we should carry the beautiful moments and shared memories of life.

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