Wednesday, February 08, 2012

On Yong Siak Street


I was here again yesterday, one of my favorite hidden places in our tiny red dot, 'favorited' because it had a few old school enjoyments for me, olden walk-up apartments still retaining their otherworldy feel compared to the new condos in the backdrop setting, a bookstore where I can not only find classics but almost everything from obscure authors I wanted to read. Yes, the undeniably chic staff introduced me to the writings of Kundera, and seemingly under a spell, I purchased two of his tomes, 'Ignorance', and 'Life is Elsewhere'. I was hooked, and he now replaces Allende as my current favorite author, although I have to say that 'Eva Luna' is still numero uno, as we should we say in spanish. I can never leave a bookstore without buying anything, even those that stock crap books such as chick flicks - hey, every woman/non-robot longs for romance, even the expected happy endings type.

Oh yes, and the coffee, how can I forget the nondescript door opposite booksactually that heralds me in with the smell of roasted beans? I have to say now I have a fixation to find the best mocha in Singapore. One that makes the nose tingle with the fresh smell of rich sweet chocolate and the bitter taste of the beans, much like a bittersweet romance we would like to erase out of our memory, but at the same time, was glad it transpired. The mocha came in a lovely red ceramic, and a bear was swirled on top of it. I have seen leaves, hearts, even the odd kitty or face, but never a bear! I immediately swung into asian girly mode and did the cardinal sin of shooting and posting before eating. Yes, if you wanted to know, the bear mocha was worth an mms to my secret lover. I hope it did bring a smile to cheer up his gloomy life.

So, a good cup of coffee (with banana bread if you so fancy), books galore, and wonderfully nostalgic street apartments (Yet, I am still young, but I find the playground of kids very enticing to sit and watch the children play.) I will miss this hidden place when my hiatus is over, and I hope that I come back again, soon.

PS: Mms costs me a dollar, but for the coffee art to be shared, I think it's worth it. As they say, a moment of joy is priceless.





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