Friday, June 29, 2012

photo friday: my favorite shoes

Camera: Superheadz (an analogue camera)
Film: 35mm Fujifilm T64 Tungsten

Location: Singapore, Everton Park

A brand of shoes, Jaime Mascaro, in a shade of perfect, the color of light, almost white sand; with a tinge of beige. Rope ribbons on the front, subtle snakeskin print on the soft leather surface throughout, they come in half-sizes. 36 1/2. My size. Made in Spain.

This pair has accompanied me on many journeys, walking into different jobs, into some people's habitations. I always feel strangely naked when I take them off at the end of the day, because the amazing material has shaped to the contours of my feet and they feel so bare, so unprotected. I feel, always happy, choosing to wear this pair, on the days I bring it out walking. My shoes for unhappy days are the black stretchy ones with golden blingbling skull shaped pins on the top, instead of ribbons.

I did not buy it for the brand, not having even heard of it before, but once my feet were inserted, they were frighteningly comfortable, with the cutest baby pink soles. It has been more than a year. Already showing signs of  the desire of wanting to retire into obscurity, one of the rope ribbons has a frayed edge.

Having washed them once in Persol, a german-brand washing liquid softener meant for woollens and delicates, they looked almost as good as new, just new enough, to last me for a year longer.

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