Friday, June 15, 2012

Using lomography redscale film

Cute red post box on redscale film

Following the first time I used Lomography Lady Grey and Chrome Xpro, (yes, I am slow on the uptake, having found a good film I tend to buy in bulk the way my parents bought fruits and toothpaste) I decided to buy 3 rolls of redscale, (it comes in rolls of 3) of film.I took these shots (2 rolls) all in Melaka, Malaysia - what would be a better place, as the city is full of red buildings as well =)

It was quite interesting to see how the photos turned out. My observations:

Early morning (8am - 9am):
Muted reds, no strong contrast, almost grainy, black/silhouettes are stark, almost purplish on my screen

Noon time - 3 pm on a sweltering hot (30 degrees +) day:
Yellowish contrast, sun rays looks yellow, whole photo has yellow tinge

Afternoon 4pm onwards on a cloudy day:
I found this timing to have the most interesting outcomes. Some of the photos look sepia -ish and some shots has the totally yellow tinge + black, with no red, while others are almost the same as in the early morning with little contrast.

In sheltered areas such as doorways with no direct overhead light
All the photos are really with no contrast in areas where the sun is not overhead, where I took the photos they turned out quite dark, so best is to have a nice overhead sun!

Here are some of the people and beautiful old buildings I managed to capture.
I am super happy with the results of redscale despite my earlier misgivings. =)

Camera: Superheadz
Film: Lomography Redscale XR 50 - 200 35mm
Location: Melaka, Malaysia

Where to buy this film in Singapore: Many places, notably snapshop asia, lomography shop, almost all analog photo shops that sell lomography products

Early morning (8am - 9am):

Noon time - 3 pm on a sweltering hot (30 degrees +) day:

Afternoon 4pm onwards on a cloudy day:

I'm really, really surprised with the results of the redscale film as I thought it would produce slightly boring photos with little contrast, I imagined too that the red might be too glaring, but the subtly grainy effects with non-boring different tones make me now want to take many, many rolls of red...

And that could very well turn into a reality, but after I complete my journey with Xpro chrome, black and white film, and possibly my last roll of Ferrania Solaris 800. I took about 200 photos using Ferrania Solaris and was disheartened to hear that the factory in Italy had stopped production last year. I am a lover of grainy effect + pinky tone, so hopefully there will be a film someday that is able to be my constant companion.

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