Friday, June 22, 2012

photo friday: super traditional breakfast

Camera: Superheadz (an analogue camera)
Film: 35mm Lomography Xpro Chrome
Location: Keong Saik Road

Almost every weekday, I nibble on this: 2 half boiled eggs with dashes of very salty soy sauce and white pepper to taste, toasted slices of brown (sometimes white) bread with kaya and butter - the iced butter melts down the throat and I can understand why there is a butter crisis in some countries, bread would not be the same without it; and a cuppa hot 'teh' with condensed milk and sugar, to awaken my senses for the impending day's workload.

The young lady who serves this to me tells me in halting English and impeccable Mandarin that she works a 6 days week from 7am to 7pm, or longer, if there are still customers after. I can only imagine how gruelling it must be to work such long hours in the sweltering heat of our local coffeeshops.

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