Friday, August 02, 2013

Photo Friday: Crossing 2719 km!

Greetings from the other side of the world :) I am a little afraid of large farmhorses like these, but I do like horses! Here at the Lake Bouillouses (Lac Des Bouillouses) near Font Romeux, France.

After journeying through 3 countries in Europe: The Netherlands, Spain and now in France, I have crossed 2719.87 km on foot, bus, plane, car... that's really a milestone for me.

I didn't really set out to be such a traveler, but my country is so small and dare I say, not too exciting that one has to get out at times to feel alive. This trip enabled me to meet some of my friends I've never thought I would see in my life again, mainly because they are so far away and not likely that either of us will travel to the same areas to meet each other again. It's nice to keep in touch with ones like these, maybe I surprise myself by keeping in touch too, as I am quite unreliable on this aspect - and I enjoy being in hermitage mode at times, going far away from technology!  

Some place I went to were planned, some I have never heard of before until my feet landed in that place, it's a departure from the norm, for me, as I usually schedule daily activities (even while not on holiday!) that it was terrifying at first to have nothing planned and to silence the inner voice that likes to ask 'what am I going to do today'. Lately I also like to explore the unknown places of the city, that's where you get friendly people, unexpected moments, quiet corners to watch the city go by, and just wander by myself to find new places, that's really a bonus from traveling! But perhaps in this trip I have wandered off the beaten path a little too much; the Spanish village I have stayed in for 9 days, even my Valencia city dwellers have not heard of it, despite it being not too far (a two and a half hour) journey away! In other places; I was the only non-Spanish or non-local, places like the beach, even!

Here is where I went so far:

Started my journey at Schipol Amsterdam airport to Delft.

Stayed in Delft; visited The Hague and Scheveningen beach, stayed in The Hague. Went there by train.

From Schipol to Valencia airport by flight, took the metro and changed to renfe train to Xativa.

From Xativa; host drove me to Aielo de Malferit, stayed there for 9 days. Took a bus out to Valencia City and back, also visited by car: Gandia, Ontinyent; Beniarres; finally left Aielo by the same bus to Valencia City; navigated by taxi to the train station Valencia Nord, took the train to Barcelona Sants. Stayed in a place, walking distance from Sants for 2 nights.

From Barcelona Sants took the bus to Perpignan, France.

By car, visited Prades; Vernet les Bains and Villefranche; hiked a waterfall - Cascades des Anglais; went to Fort Romeux and the Lake Bouillouses, onward to Colombieres-sur-Orb, then to Marseille.

My journey is almost over, apart from going to one last destination in France I don't have any other plan! =)

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darrenoway said...

No plan is the plan, glad to see your life being so great there! :)