Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday afternoon (sábado después del mediodía)

So, it was a normal Saturday in Singapore, just like any other.

The only difference for me was that the past three Saturdays I had been away, overseas, in a little attempt to not face the monotony of having a lifeless job and an even more lifeless weekend. "Just be happy", was the exact phrase that was said to me by the closest person in my life. So I did try.
Trying out the role of being a frugal traveler for the first time, I secured free accomodation and 'volunteer' work for 2 weekends in Malaysia, and previous trip was kindly paid for in advance by a friend who brought 4 of us to Hong Kong.

A few weeks ago I had planned to meet a traveler from Valencia, Spain; who was in Thailand, Chiangmai for these months and had to stop by Singapore for the visa renewal. He came dressed thai-style and looked like he loved the place he was in very much, so much that I became quite curious and have made a pact to visit it too, soon.

So only having one day in Singapore to spend, I had a few places in mind to bring him and myself. I haven't been to Orchard Road for ages and a Frenchman who heard me bore him along the lines of "I love baguette/other european style bread" had recommended me to go to Scotts Square Maison Kayser, they have authentic French style breads and pastries there. We went, I had a honey flavored bun stuffed with cute cubes of candied orange peel and it was mmmmm! Just thinking about having it again makes my stomach growl.

And then also, the Orchid Gardens. It was quite an intensive walk through Botanic Gardens after the Orchard Road route, to reach there. And it was huge, honestly, I never thought I would see so many varietals of orchids in my entire life... I like purple flowers a lot, so just seeing the various hues of purples made me quite hyperactive and I was bounding down the roads despite unbelievably sore legs!

Going out with someone who is in Singapore for the first time makes you see the place excitedly like through the eyes of a child. You also notice the bad things perhaps, the rude people in the MRT train, the things that could be done better. We caught the Marina Bay Sands Light show (it is on 8 pm and 9:30 pm) and it was my first time watching it. 

At the end, we did so many things in one day.
It was a little drama the next day when he had to spend half a day more in Singapore... ...but that's another story for another day.

Our route:
11:30 am:
Tiong Bahru - Yong Siak Street
Scotts Square Maison Kayser - Orchard Road - Somerset H&M, Mandarin Gallery - Orchard Road walk to Botanic Gardens
Botanic Gardens - Orchid Gardens - Tanglin Mall
Marina Bay Sands Olympic Walk, Marina Bay Sands Light Show, hang out at the Louis Vuitton island floating platform, met friends at Marina Bay Link Mall.
12mn: zzz...
 "I wonder what the neighbors will think"

My current obsession is with these mirrors. Each time I see one I cannot help taking a photo, heehee.
This photo is so funny!

Orchard Road, free coffee just when we needed it; and a busy intersection just outside H&M.

Botanic Gardens sights

Camera: Superheadz  also known as Vivitar Ultra Wide&Slim (Retired my Harikin and now using Kumo san)
Film: Lomography Xpro Chrome 100 35mm / Lomography Color Negative 800
Location: Singapore, Botanic Gardens, Orchid Garden, Tiong Bahru, Yong Siak Street, Orchard Road

Film is processed at Triple D, Burlington Square.

The backstory, "prequel" to this post:

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