Friday, July 13, 2012

photo friday: travel memories, Hong Kong

Camera: Superheadz (an analogue camera), also known as Vivitar Ultra Wide&Slim
Film: Lomography Color Xpro 35mm, cross-processed
Location: Hong Kong, Wan Chai, Bowrington

A market in Hong Kong that resembled a 1960s movie; red plastic discs over naked light bulbs hanging from each grocer's ceiling. Red shop awnings to match. Looking for a sign to describe the road I was in, I walked up and down the vegetable shops until I spotted it: Bowrington.

This quaint little market still had many shoppers despite the unrelenting torrential rain that plagued the weekend I was on vacation in Hong Kong. I stood at this corner, drenched, pointing my little toy camera this way and that trying to capture the best angle. Intrigued, perhaps, by the Singaporean girl unafraid of getting wet, the meat seller stepped out, and looked on curiously.

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Mike Chia said...

Love the mood of the pictures captured ; )