Monday, August 13, 2012

Love comes without notice

Ne confonds point l’amour avec le délire de la possession, lequel apporte les pires souffrances. Car au contraire de l’opinion commune, l’amour ne fait point souffrir. Mais l’instinct de propriété fait souffrir, qui est le contraire de l’amour. Car d’aimer Dieu je m’en vais à pied sur la route boitant durement pour le porter d’abord aux autres hommes. Et je ne réduis point mon Dieu en esclavage. Et je suis nourri de ce qu’il donne à d’autres. Et je sais reconnaître ainsi celui qui aime véritablement à ce qu’il ne peut être lésé. Et celui-là qui meurt pour l’empire, l’empire ne le peut point léser. On peut parler de l’ingratitude de tel ou tel, mais qui te parlerait de l’ingratitude de l’empire ?

Last month I received a nice e-letter.

The type of letter I had always wished to receive from a loved one. Well it was not like this, it was more of a soulful connection from one person to another. This person read one of my writings and was deeply moved, enough to send me something. When I read it I felt stirrings within, and am happy that there is also someone who has felt the same pain, understood what it means to love and not forget the moments. Eventually, I printed it out (unauthorized usage of office supplies) and carried it around with me for a week, together with the first story written by the man I cannot forget =)

This piece of paper traveled into the hands of a friend who has a sad romance now, so these words are comforting to her soul.

So here it is:

Thanks for being open. You see, I think that's exactly what made me say what I've said - because I can't find the courage to share such personal things publicly, but you have managed to do that. That's why I'm proud of you that you wrote the story.

You asked what had made me have such feelings and thoughts. Well, it's both a hard and an easy question:) Easy - because I think I've gone through something similar that you had (actually very similar), and I hope I managed to see the things as they really are and be thankful for everything. Hard - because recently I've been trying to understand how life works, what is important and what is not, and how to be the person you always wanted to be. It can be a really long story (I'm not sure you would have enough patience to read everything I could write on this topic:p), but to be short, I think that people come to our lives not by chance - they come to teach us something, and to learn something too. And even though our relationships with those people are not like we expected or hoped them to be - we still should be thankful to those people and to God for what we had. And, most important, we should forgive and honestly be wishing only the best to such people. Actually if we love them - how can we be angry with them? You see, I don't know what happened to you and that guy, but I'm sure that if you imagine him being happy, you'll be happy for him too, right? I know it's really hard to let people go (for instance, it took me almost a year to let a girl who means very much to me go), but once you do this - you'll feel much much better. There's this quotation by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (sorry if the English isn't that good, it's a translation):

"Do not confuse love with the delusion of possession, which carries the worst sufferings. Because, contrary to common belief, love does not make people suffer. The instinct of property, which is the opposite of love, that is what makes you suffer. Real love begins where nothing is expected in return. And while it's possible to steal something you got, who can take away what [those things that] you have given away?"

So... Well, I'm afraid I'm being too instructive again :) I hope you can free your heart (if you haven't yet), but not by forgetting, but by forgiving, and by being happy for the happiest moments you've had. Sorry for such a long email, I just like writing :)

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